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Q&A Series – Episode 286: Suffer from inferiority!

Question: I don’t look good-looking. I don’t even agree with the people around me. Sometimes I suffer from inferiority. My confidence has increased after taking the course but not increasing in the field of studies, what should be done in this case?

Answer: Let me start the answer with a story…

A quiet green little village. Every house in the village is rich with crop-filled fields, cows full of cows and poultry in the courtyard. Once in the house of a householder in this village, a chicken hatched many chicks with it. But what! Who is that chick that hatched with the chicks? It looks like a duck. But how ugly and ugly! How did it get here? Why is he different from the others?

He started his life in a small courtyard of the house. No one loves him. Whenever they get a chance, small children poke, chickens chase, crows scare. The food is his rubbish and the discarded basket of the householder, which is also what is available after the rest of them have eaten. The only one is his mother and mother’s chicken. In all the storms, this mother finds a little shelter.

That’s how life went. He’s growing up slowly. Sometimes he felt as if he could be swept away a little while running fast. But he didn’t bother about it anymore.

About one day. For some reason, all the chickens chased him. He ran desperately to a halt at the edge of a lake at the far end of the village. What will he do now? If you go a little further, you will fall into the lake. But he never went into the water. There is no way to postpone. Meanwhile, his mother and hen also came running behind.

Suddenly, his eyes fell into the water. He was startled by his own reflection. Then his eyes went to a flock of ducks on the shore. What a surprise! Looks exactly like him. In astonishment he glanced once at the duck, once at his mother, and once at his reflection in the lake water. He’s not like his mother, or like the chickens he’s spent all this time with. Rather, he is one of those migratory birds who have travelled thousands of miles from the polar countries. Incidentally, a mother bird that flew to the temperate zone to escape the cold environment was born in the householder’s house.

How the ducks are flying, getting into the water! He can do that too! He realized that he was not a life of chasing, digging garbage, he was born with the physical ability to travel thousands of miles high in the blue sky.

For the first time, he knew himself. He understood that he would have to leave the small boundary of the householder’s courtyard and fly to the eternal sky. With two drops of tears, the mother and hen said goodbye to him. Because she didn’t want to limit her chick’s potential with a bond of petty affection. The ducklings spread their wings in the new journey of self-identity.

The story is told because you may find similarities with the life of this duckling. As a child, he might have had good results. But once you did badly, you started to feel like a group of bad students. Influenced by the negative words of parents, teachers or relatives, he might start thinking, nothing will happen to me. I will never do well again.

But you can also be the first in the class, you can get Golden A-Plus, take higher education from the world’s renowned educational institution. You can reach any seemingly high goal in your career. To convert reasonable every desire into a get.

Source: Q&A | Quantum Method

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