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Q&A Series – Episode 287: Doubt is man’s greatest enemy

Question: How do I get out of the feeling of doubt whether I was born for the visualization I have made? I really can’t find what I’m good for. Without finding it, I have trouble fully believing in the life picture I have created.

Answer: This doubt is man’s greatest enemy. That’s why in all the work we have done in the life of Quantum, we have

Speaking of courses—when we started, since I had done journalism before, I did astrology – I had my own circle. Everyone listened, what do you say? A man will come with money and sit for four days just listening to you! Impossible! Hey, people do a dance program/music program for more than two or three hours Can’t. And you’re just going to talk! How long will people listen?

I said, ‘ I’m not going to talk about myself, I’m going to talk about his benefit.’ And he understands his own good, his own good. The people who come there are all healthy people, all good people, they will listen No? The scoffers said, “Yes, we will see.”

We give thanks to Allah. Thousands of people have benefited from the Quantum Method course. Because 75 percent of human diseases are psychological. And 25 percent due to infection, physical injury, or reaction to medicines and operations. This 25 percent requires a doctor. But 75 percent of the diseases caused by psychophysical or mental entanglement are fixed with medicines Don’t go. You have to fix it with your mind. At the level of meditation, when the mind listens to the words, the mind will open up and he will be good.

No matter what anyone said, we stood by the faith. There were no examples. The example is created after starting the course. Thousands of people have benefited. Now millions of people are benefiting. Because we had no hesitation.

I had no experience in speaking. I’m not a psychiatrist or a psychologist. But I believe that there is no institutional degree in this case I know this, and I understand this. I told God, ‘Allah, I am not a speaker. I don’t know speech. I have never spoken in my life. But I have to tell the truth. You give me the power to speak. God has given me strength.

My wife was also surprised to hear my discussion. Because he used to say I listened. I’m still very good as a listener. But at the end of the course, he said that you can talk so much I don’t understand. I said I didn’t need to tell you before. I need to say now. I have to speak for my faith. No one else can speak of my faith like I do.

So whatever you do in life, do it faithfully. When a person believes, God’s mercy comes upon him. And you have to believe in yourself. If someone else believes it, it won’t do you any good.

God created each human being individually. He did not create anyone like anyone. So the power that God has given you, the brain that God has given you, this The brain If you can use it, you can make the seemingly impossible possible. But why can’t we? Our thoughts are scattered, infested with doubt. I can’t do that. We can’t because we’re not united. When you are alone, there will be more hesitation.

Who is talented, whose talent we are surprised by – his brain and our brain Among There is no fundamental difference. The neurons in our brain are scattered. Less connection. The one who is talented keeps increasing the connection. And the more you increase the connection from neuron to neuron, the more successful you will be. The dominant people in our society are those who are united. The more people he has a connection with, the greater his power capacity. You are going to work in an office, sitting since morning, and some work is being done Nope. In the meantime, the person sitting in front of him may have received a phone call after a while. Another man came in front of you. He did his job immediately, and he let him go, and you were sitting. Why? For connection.

The more neurons you connect, the more you can use your talent. So you have to believe and stick to the faith. Whenever you believe – believe implicitly, then the brain will start working. Then the mercy of the Most Merciful will be upon you. In fact, all types of talent are dormant in the brain. Seven billion people have the same brains with no difference in biochemistry. There will be connection and activation in the neurons related to which you are interested and trusted. You will move forward towards the goal.

Source: Q&A | Quantum Method

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