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Q&A Series – Episode 289: Isn’t a strong will enough to achieve your goals?

Question: Isn’t a strong will enough to achieve your goals? Do you need to sit back and imagine?

Answer: It may be surprising to hear. But the truth is that when there is a conflict between imagination and will, the will is defeated. Imagination wins.

In fact, no matter how much willpower there is, it can not be forced with the mind. As there are many men, how many times have you wanted to quit smoking? He could not influence the mind, could not inspire, and could not quit smoking. He caught it every time he left. This is mainly due to the conflict of will with imagination. But if the thing came from the mind, if you could inspire the mind that I should not smoke for this reason – mind, mind, listen to me – then you could quit smoking.

The nature of the mind and the nature of the donkey are the same. With a rope around the donkey’s neck, he will not go in the direction you pull him. If you pull east, it will go everywhere else, but nothing to the east. When you want to pay attention, the mind becomes focused on everything other than that. Therefore, do not force when you want to work with your mind.

The best way to get a donkey to work is to hang a radish in front of it. Wherever the radish goes, the donkey will also go. There is no need for a tug-of-war. In the same way, a radish should be hung in front of the mind and this radish is the mind. This film is your goal, you have to get it. All the people who have been successful in the world till date, everyone had this ‘radish’ or dream. Dreams and imagination are much more powerful than logic and knowledge. It is dreams and imagination that have brought civilization forward.

Source: Q&A | Quantum Method

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