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Q&A Series – Episode 290: How does visualization work?

Question: How does visualization work?

Answer: The mind speeds up with the power of imagination. It works like a guided missile. In fact, the key to success and self-development is to be what you want to be in reality first in your imagination. Why? In the words of novelist Coute Vonnegart, “We are what we imagine about ourselves.” The language of the brain is images. Our thoughts are mainly the analysis of the images reflected on the screen of our mind. The picture we paint about ourselves and our surroundings influences how we feel, behave, and act. As a result, we gradually become the picture we paint in our minds.

When we remember the picture of our goal in a concentrated imagination, it automatically directs the brain and nervous system to achieve the goal. It’s like a self-guided missile. The target of this missile is predetermined. It doesn’t need any guidance. It goes its own way and is not influenced by positive feedback (i.e. by the feedback that says he is on the right track).

But as soon as he begins to deviate from his goal, he is influenced by the new information he receives. That is, when the missile’s guidance system gets the news that it has moved left from the specified course, its path-correcting device automatically directs it to the right. If you go to the right and go more right, then it changes the speed to the left again. Constantly correcting the mistake, the missile moved forward and hit the target.

The mind works in the same way. If the picture of the goal is placed in the subconscious mind through visualization, the mind will automatically employ all its energy to reach that goal. It will work day and night. Correct the path if necessary. It will change your perspective if necessary. More thinking will get you engaged in research. It will generate irrepressible interest and enthusiasm. It will create an urge inside to do whatever is necessary to reach the destination. It will take you to the goal. This can be better understood through an ancient story.

Fatima, a seaweaver from Istanbul, Turkey, has dreamed of becoming a queen since childhood, spending her wealth for the welfare of the poor and underprivileged. Compared to a poor weaver’s daughter, the dream is much bigger. But this is what she dreams of weaving cloth all day. At last, at her insistence, her father took her to sea. The destination is Alexandria in Egypt. On the way, the boat sank in the storm. Fatima disappeared from her father. An old fisherman found her on the beach and took her to his house. There Fatima learned to weave a net by twisting a rope.

A few days later, misery descended on her life again. Pirates kidnapped her and sold her as a slave to a merchant in Basra. The merchant had a business of making boats by importing wood from Java. There she mastered the process of chopping wood and making mastles. In the meantime, the merchant suffered a lot of damage in the shipwreck, people left her. Then the intelligent and faithful Fatimah stood beside her master. The boss was impressed by her sincerity and made her a partner in the business. Fatima set out by sea for Java to fetch wood. But the storm again, the disappearance again. This time Fatima went to China. When she regained consciousness, she saw that she was being taken to the royal palace.

The incident was that the royal astrologer predicted about the marriage of the prince of China that the bride-to-be would come from the sea on the night of the full moon, whose language, and appearance would be different and she would be able to make a tent. The surroundings all matched. Now we have to build a tent. Fatima went down to pitch the tent. She made cloth from the experience of weaving cloth. She made ropes from the experience of making nets. And from the experience of making the mast, the tent pole was made. The tent was erected. The king was sure it was her. Fatima’s cherished dream was fulfilled.

In fact, that’s visualization. Moving forward like this for a lifetime. When working silently and pro-actively with concentrated faith, In various events and turns of life, the ultimate success comes.

Source: Q&A | Quantum Method

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