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Q&A Series – Episode 292: Failure is the pillar of success!

Question: I tried several times and failed. I am suffering from extreme depression. Is it possible for me to succeed?

Answer: Of course it is possible. Rather, it can be said that it is now easy for you to succeed because you have failed. Because almost every successful person in the world starts with failure. James Dyson. A vacuum cleaner, which has now become an essential tool for cleaning modern people’s homes, offices, hotels and other places, is the inventor. Interestingly, James Dyson had to fail more than 5,000 times before this machine could be properly shaped.

James wanted to create a vacuum that would not contain any bags. Because if there is a bag, the machine gets jammed within a few days due to dust. The puff is damaged, so the machine no longer has the ability to pull dust. James worked tirelessly for five years. He quit his job to devote full time to his studies. He had to live with his wife’s earnings. Many times in five years, there have been many situations in which it was normal to give up. But for James, it wasn’t just a machine invention, it was his life.

Five years later, the machine was ready. But no company could be persuaded to buy it. For three years, he went from one company to another to sell the vacuum cleaner license for a few bucks. But everyone praised the machine’s performance, but doubted whether it would run in the market. Because the market is flooded with bagged vacuum cleaners. Everyone was apprehensive about how buyers would take such a bagless vacuum.

Sir James Dyson with one of his vacuum cleaners in 1997
Sir James Dyson with one of his vacuum cleaners in 1997 | Photo by Lancashire Telegraph

Finally, in 1993, James started marketing it himself. In just one and a half years, the DC 01 became the best-selling vacuum cleaner on the market. James said that the bag that everyone predicted as the reason for not having a bag in its market, not having that bag became the biggest reason for its popularity. And I knew that. That’s why I didn’t stop when I failed the first time, and I wasn’t disappointed when I failed 50 times. I didn’t give up even after failing 5,000 times. Because I knew these weren’t failures, it was about stepping up little by little with success.

So you have nothing to be disappointed about. Your failures are one step on the road to success.

Source: Q&A | Quantum Method

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