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Image by Dan Williams from Pixabay

TSMC: A Semiconductor Giant’s Journey

History and Contributions

TSMC, founded in 1987, has played a pivotal role in the global semiconductor industry. Here are some highlights:

  1. Foundry Services Pioneer: TSMC pioneered the concept of semiconductor foundry services. Instead of designing and manufacturing their chips, fabless companies and integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) turn to TSMC for advanced manufacturing processes.
  2. Technology Leadership: TSMC consistently invests in cutting-edge technology. Its advanced nodes (such as 5nm and 3nm) enable high-performance chips used in smartphones, data centres, and IoT devices.
  3. Global Impact: TSMC’s chips power devices worldwide, from iPhones to supercomputers. Its contributions to technology have reshaped industries.
The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, which uses the GP104 die manufactured by TSMC on its 16 nm node | Photo by Wikipedia

Business Acquisitions

TSMC has strategically acquired companies to enhance its capabilities:

  1. WaferTech: In 2000, TSMC acquired WaferTech, a U.S.-based semiconductor foundry, expanding its global footprint.
  2. ASML Stake: TSMC invested in ASML, a leading lithography equipment manufacturer, ensuring access to cutting-edge lithography tools.

Total Assets

As of 2022, TSMC’s total assets exceeded $100 billion. Its financial strength enables continued innovation and expansion.

One of TSMC’s factories in Taichung’s Central Taiwan Science Park | Photo by Wikipedia

Top Stockholders

TSMC’s largest shareholders include institutional investors, mutual funds, and individual investors. The exact ownership percentages may vary, but some notable stakeholders are:

  1. Foreign Institutional Investors: These include global investment firms that recognize TSMC’s growth potential.
  2. Individual Investors: Many Taiwanese citizens hold TSMC shares, reflecting local pride and confidence in the company.
  3. Mutual Funds: Various mutual funds invest in TSMC due to its stable performance and long-term prospects.

TSMC’s journey from a startup to a global semiconductor powerhouse is a testament to its vision, commitment, and innovation. As technology continues to evolve, TSMC remains at the forefront, shaping the digital future.

For more detailed financial information, you can refer to TSMC’s official 2022 Business Overview.

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