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Bangladeshi Air Conditioner Exports Reach $14.26 Million in FY 2022-23

Once, 100% of the country’s air conditioning (AC) demand was met by imports from abroad. That picture has now changed. A large part of the demand is being met through domestically produced ACs. Not only that, ACs manufactured in the country are now being exported abroad.

According to Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) data, in the last financial year (2022-23), AC exports abroad were worth 14 lakh 26 thousand dollars, which is about 16 crores in Bangladeshi currency.

In the previous financial year (2021-22) which was 8 lakh 81 thousand dollars. That is, in the financial year 2022-23 compared to the previous financial year, the export income of AC has been 7 lakh 38 thousand dollars more. And in the first eight months (July-February) of the current financial year (2023-24), AC worth about 7 lakh dollars has been exported.

However, the export market of AC is still small. Domestic companies are more busy with the country’s market.

Walton, a domestic electronic products manufacturer, exports ACs abroad. Head of the company’s global business department Abdur Rauf told that, “Walton is exporting AC to 20 countries. Although China dominates the global market, we are trying to expand the export market through the use of new technology and innovation.”

Advanced technology AC demand is high in foreign markets. To survive in the global competition, domestic manufacturers are giving importance to these issues.

Monika Islam, Group Director of Yamuna Group, a leading manufacturer of electronic products, said, “Due to the government’s export-oriented policy, the export of electronic products has started from Bangladesh. We have also started working to bring the Jamuna brand to foreign soil. We have already exported refrigerators to India. AC exports are also being discussed.”

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