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World Christian population by percentage, world, map

World Christian population by percentage | Photo by Wikipedia

Global Faiths: Charting the Top 10 Nations with the Largest Christian Populations

Christianity, the world’s largest religion, continues to shape societies and cultures around the globe. As we step into 2024, let’s take a closer look at the countries with the largest Christian populations, reflecting the faith’s widespread influence:

  1. United States – Leading the world with a Christian population of 213 million, the US is a melting pot of various Christian denominations.
  2. Brazil – With 180.8 million Christians, Brazil showcases the vibrant and diverse nature of Christianity in South America.
  3. Philippines – The Philippines, with its 92.7 million Christians, stands as a testament to the faith’s reach across the Pacific.
  4. Ethiopia – Home to 77.5 million Christians, Ethiopia’s ancient Christian traditions continue to thrive.
  5. Nigeria – In Nigeria, 74.4 million Christians live, highlighting the religious diversity of Africa’s most populous nation.
  6. Russia – Russia’s Christian population numbers 66 million, reflecting the historical significance of the Eastern Orthodox Church.
  7. DR Congo – With 63.1 million Christians, the Democratic Republic of the Congo represents the enduring legacy of Christianity in Central Africa.
  8. Italy – Italy, the heartland of Catholicism, has a Christian population of 53.2 million, with the Vatican at its epicentre.
  9. South Africa – South Africa’s 52.9 million Christians exemplify the faith’s role in the nation’s multicultural landscape.
  10. China – Rounding out the top ten is China, with 49.2 million Christians, indicating the religion’s presence in a predominantly non-Christian region.

These figures not only highlight the sheer number of Christians worldwide but also the cultural and historical richness that Christianity brings to these nations.


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