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World Hindu population by percentage, world, map

Percentage of Hindus by country, according to the Pew Research Center | Photo by Wikipedia

Global Faiths: Charting the Top 10 Nations with the Largest Hindu Populations

In the tapestry of world religions, Hinduism paints a vibrant picture with its rich traditions and diverse philosophies. As we delve into the demographics of faith in 2024, let’s shine a light on the countries that are home to the largest Hindu populations, according to the latest data:

  1. India – The birthplace of Hinduism, India houses an overwhelming majority of the world’s Hindu population, with approximately 1.094 billion adherents, making up 78.9% of its total population.
  2. Nepal – Nestled in the Himalayas, Nepal has a significant Hindu majority, with around 28.6 million Hindus, accounting for 80.6% of the national populace.
  3. Bangladesh – Despite being a Muslim-majority country, Bangladesh has a substantial Hindu minority of about 13.79 million individuals.
  4. Indonesia – Known for the Hindu-majority Island of Bali, Indonesia’s Hindu population stands at approximately 4.21 million.
  5. Pakistan – Home to ancient Hindu civilizations, Pakistan has a Hindu population of nearly 3.99 million.
  6. Sri Lanka – The island nation of Sri Lanka hosts around 3.09 million Hindus, contributing to its multicultural society.
  7. United States – The US has a diverse religious landscape that includes a Hindu population of about 2.51 million.
  8. Malaysia – With its unique blend of cultural practices, Malaysia has a Hindu population of nearly 1.94 million.
  9. United Kingdom – The UK, known for its cultural diversity, is home to approximately 1.03 million Hindus.
  10. United Arab Emirates – A hub for expatriates, the UAE has a Hindu population of around 660,000.

These numbers not only reflect the global spread of Hinduism but also its enduring legacy and the cultural richness it brings to these nations.


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