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World Jewish population by percentage, world, map

Percentage of Jewish by country | Photo by World Population Review

Global Faiths: Charting the Top 10 Nations with the Largest Jewish Populations

As we mark the year 2024, the Jewish population worldwide stands at an estimated 15.7 million, which is approximately 0.2% of the 8 billion worldwide population. Here are some key details about the Jewish population by country:


1. Israel – Israel, the Jewish homeland, has the largest concentration of Jews globally, numbering around 7.2 million.

2. United States – The US is home to the second-largest Jewish community in the world, with approximately 6.3 million Jews.


3. France – France hosts Europe’s largest Jewish population, with about 440,000 Jews.


4. Canada – In Canada, the Jewish community numbers 398,000, contributing to the nation’s multicultural identity.

5. United Kingdom – The UK has a long-standing Jewish presence, with a population of 312,000 Jews.


6. Argentina – Argentina is home to Latin America’s largest Jewish population, with 171,000 Jews.


7. Russia – Russia’s Jewish population stands at 132,000, reflecting its complex historical relationship with the Jewish people.


8. Germany – Germany has seen a resurgence of its Jewish community, now numbering around 125,000.


9. Australia – Australia’s Jewish population is 117,200, showcasing the community’s growth down under.


10. Brazil – Brazil rounds out the top ten with a Jewish population of 90,000, highlighting the faith’s reach in South America.

The number of Jews worldwide rises to 18 million with the addition of the “connected” Jewish population, including those who say they are partly Jewish or have Jewish backgrounds from at least one Jewish parent. It rises again to 21 million with the addition of the “enlarged” Jewish population, including those who say they have Jewish backgrounds but no Jewish parents and all non-Jewish household members who live with Jews.


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