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Q&A Series – Episode 280: Inferiority complex about small jobs!

Question: I am a hospital receptionist. Sometimes suffering from an inferiority complex about my career, I do small jobs.

Answer: In fact, no profession is small. For example, many of us may look down on the receptionist profession. In fact, the most skilled person should be the receptionist, because the image of the organization depends on him. But those who have low educational qualifications, who can’t do anything else, we put them in the reception. This is a wrong view-

For example, a receptionist in a hospital. If he loves his work and takes it seriously, he can take up opportunities for great service. Whenever a patient comes in – giving necessary information to the patient, his attendant, etc., a receptionist can do it as no one else can. And if you don’t take the work seriously, then the quality of the work will be the same.

One more thing to remember, your frustration with your career will be reduced only if you keep the mindset of starting small. You can wait and work quietly.

Source: Q&A | Quantum Method

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