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Q&A Series – Episode 284: When you fail in life!

Question: What should be the view of abundance in that position when you fail in any area of life?

Answer: The seeds of success lie dormant in failure. The bigger the failure, the more you will rejoice, the more you will be thankful, the more success will come. In fact, it is very true that the bigger the failure, the greater the success.

There is a historical incident in this regard. Mahmud was the Sultan of Ghazni. He had a slave named Ayaz. Sultan Mahmud was very fond of Ayaz for his loyalty, for his loyalty to the Sultan. He liked it so much that it was the cause of irritation to some of the ministers of Sultan Mahmud’s court.

What was loyalty like? Once Ayaz goes with the Sultan. On the way, Sultan saw a watermelon field and wanted to eat watermelon. The caravan stopped and watermelons were brought from the fields. Cut. Sultan handed over a piece of sliced watermelon to Ayaz. He said, eat. Play Ayaz. Sultan looked at Ayaz and asked, “How was it?” Ayaz said, “Jahanpanah, I have not eaten such a sweet watermelon for a long time.” He licked everything on the watermelon slice.

The Sultan was very sorry to see. He said, “Okay, when you’re so satisfied, then cut it all the watermelon.” That was done. Watermelon slices are coming one after the other, and Ayaz is eating lick. The Sultan is also encouraging – eat, eat, eat more.

In the end, one piece survived. The Sultan took this last piece in his mouth. And immediately he walked away. Very bitter and bitter. The Sultan wondered how this watermelon Ayaz could have eaten so faintly. He asked Ayaz, “How do you eat this watermelon?” You could say a little. Ayaz then said, “Jahanpanah, the watermelon that came from your hand, however bitter it is, is sweeter to me than candy.”

But once upon a time, Ayaz became a victim of the conspiracy of some ministers of Sultan Mahmud. They created a misunderstanding with the Sultan. The Sultan ordered Ayaz to be imprisoned. Ayaz was patient. Because there was nothing else he could do at the time.

His days were spent in prison. But Ayaz is steadfast in his belief that the Sultan will one day realize his mistake. And sooner or later he will be released. Days go by, months go by, years go by. Now there are rules for prisoners. It wasn’t there then. A piece of bread—maybe a week’s allotment. The prisoners would eat it little by little. Ayaz did the same. On one such occasion, Ayaz ate a piece of bread and picked up the rest and went to sleep. When he woke up, he saw a rat running away with a piece of bread that had been eaten for three days.

Ayaz laughed when he saw it. Let’s go! So my sustenance here is coming to an end. I will be released now. How much faith and optimism! At that time, he felt that no, there was nothing worse than this, and after that, there is nothing but my release. And indeed shortly afterwards he received news that Sultan Mahmud had announced his release and had summoned him to the court.

This faith, that is, to be thankful Alhamdulillah at all times and to be optimistic in all circumstances – this is the correct approach for abundance.

Source: Q&A | Quantum Method

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