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Q&A Series – Episode 274: Giving vs Saving!

Question: My monthly income is 30 thousand. Out of that, 26,000 takas are fully spent on family expenses and 1,000 takas are saved and the remaining 3,000 takas are donated. Thus I am satisfied and quite well. But my family asked me to reduce donations and increase savings. Please guide me properly.

Answer: The more you give from your heart, the more your blessings will increase. In this case, if you can reduce the cost without reducing the amount of donation, it is better. But don’t cut back on donations. Remember, reducing donations will also reduce returns. Because God loves honest charity and gives at least 700 times the blessing of honest charity. So you are on the right track. Explain to the family. Reduce household expenses if possible. But don’t cut back on donations.

Source: Q&A | Quantum Method

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