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Q&A Series – Episode 275: Build your house of the mind properly!

Question: The house of the mind is not yet properly understood by me. I will benefit if you explain the matter further.

Answer: In fact, you can make the best use of the creative and innovative powers of the mind only when the mind is free from all thoughts and is calm and happy. This is the home of the mind.

So make your mind home somewhere that you like very much. Maybe while visiting somewhere, seeing the natural environment there made your mind very happy. There you can make a home of your mind. Or you can make your mind home in any of your favourite places or imaginary places seen on TV or in posters. Mountains, rivers, seas, forests, everything that makes you happy, create the atmosphere of the home of your mind.

In the same way, make the house that you like at home and abroad the house of your mind. If you don’t like any house then you can make an imaginary house. That is, the main goal is to take the mind to a place that the mind likes very much. Just as when a man returns home after a long day of work, he feels a sense of calmness, a kind of assurance, in the home of the mind the mind also becomes calm, blissful.

Alpha Station is on the way home to the mind. Alpha stations are the generation of alpha waves in the brain. Like when we want to go somewhere, we go to the bus or railway station, and when alpha waves are generated in the brain, the mind is calm. Then the imagination to enter the deeper levels of the mind is the house of the mind.

Mind’s house will have a courtroom. Make the courtroom very big. There will be a path to the right of the courtroom, leading to the healing room. To the left of the courtroom will be the path to the command centre.

You can add as many rooms as you want to the house of your mind. Make a practice room for those who practice music. Make a stage for those who act.

Some may think that I have built such a beautiful house. Leave husband, wife, children, loved ones and stay alone? No need to be alone. You can take whoever you want there. You will see that everyone is welcoming you home, welcome home, welcome home. Don’t just take someone you quarrel with. Then it will be seen that even after going there, the quarrel has started.

Source: Q&A | Quantum Method

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