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Q&A Series – Episode 276: Does Zakat fall into the level of charity?

Question: Does Zakat fall into the level of charity? What is the problem if you do not pay zakat? How to pay Zakat correctly?

Answer: Zakat is not charity, Zakat is obligatory. That is, it is not optional, but if you can afford it, you must pay zakat. Zakat is obligatory on a healthy adult Muslim if he has accumulated 85 grams of gold or 595 grams of silver or an equivalent amount (Taka 32 thousand) for one lunar year after meeting his own needs. In short, if you have a total wealth of 32 thousand rupees in gold, silver, money, savings certificates at the end of the year, Zakat will be obligatory.

Since zakat is obligatory, if you do not pay zakat correctly, the entire wealth will become haram for you. And by giving zakat, the wealth becomes halal and increases. So accept the opportunity to be a zakat giver and collect zakat collectively for the purpose of poverty alleviation. Your wealth will continue to grow.

Source: Q&A | Quantum Method

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