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Q&A Series – Episode 288: Can two goals be set at the same time?

Question: I’ve been training in a sports organization for three years. I have two goals right now. 1. Being a good cricketer. 2. To become a cabin crew after completing education. I am currently studying O-levels. Now the question is, can two goals be seen at the same time?

Answer: At the same time, two or more than two visualizations can be seen. But the condition is that the minds should be complementary. It cannot be contradictory. But in your case, the images have become contradictory. For example, to be a good cricketer, you have to devote all your time to cricket. You have to practice, you have to play, you have to participate in competitions and you have to choose cricket as a profession.

If you want to be a cabin crew again, you have to stay most of the month on the plane, in the sky. Before that, you have to learn the necessary skills and techniques to be a cabin crew. You need to know the art of satisfying the client. Because providing the best service to different types of passengers on the aircraft is a very responsible and challenging task, so this contradictory mindset will not be accepted by your brain, let alone the next thing to be implemented. You must choose one of them and look at the picture that way.

Source: Q&A | Quantum Method

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